Quest Mode

Enhance your Channel with Quest Mode - Beta Enrollment Starts Now!

Send your Viewers on Quests so you can earn
Free Tips, Free Subs, it's that easy!


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Viewers install games, use services etc.


Viewers complete in-game quests to get real rewards

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You Get Extra Cash $

  • As viewers complete quests, you get extra cash.
  • They can share their message as an alert on screen.
  • Viewers compete on leaderboards to see who can support you the most.
  • You get paid out in full on the 15th of every month, no fees beyond Paypal.

Viewers get Boss Battles Damage FREE

  • Viewers earn Boss Battles damage points by completing in game quests.
  • Then they spend those points in the fan portal.
  • They can become the new Boss with effort, not money.
  • All the while, you earn moolah.

Viewers get FREE Subs

  • Viewers earn Sub points by completing in game quests.
  • Earn enough points and they get or give a Free Sub of any level.
  • They spend sub points to earn a sub, or gift to a friend.
  • All the while, your community grows, and you earn moolah.

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an example of someone that uses it regularly

Fan View

an example of someone that really got into the platform and had fun with it

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